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25/07/ · GTA San Andreas Bodyguard With Limo Mod was downloaded times and it has of 10 points so far. Download it now for GTA San Andreas!Author: Xiroudis | Email. 👍 Download hack: HOW TO USE:1 – Download file, drop it on your desktop and run2- Open the file3 – Wait and Enjoy!.

This mod contains so many things in one that you just won’t know what do with yourself. It really is the ultimate San Andreas mod. BodyGuard “senses” you. It is smart and has mechanisms which can tell when you are using your computer and when you are not. It will remind you to take short breaks throughout the day and to exercise, and will instruct you when to drink water in order to maintain your fluid balance.

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Remember Me. Have an account? Log In Register. RobertDknini commented over 4 years ago:. It’s amazing to see what you’ve done to this mod, keep it up! Information Files Author:.

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Armed escort mod by Gta Fishhead V (Gta VIce City CLEO mod) Description of the mod: What this mod does is that it spawns a black admiral allproff, with four of your men in it, heavily armed, right behind your vehicle while you are driving, As long as you drive they will follow you in the car, when you step out of your car, they are ready to follow you on foot. Bodyguard Mod for GTA San Andreas. About Bodyguard. In some cases, as a result of this is able to mean that the bodyguard would be got to leave the automotive unattended after they escort the shopper on foot. If the automotive is left unattended, could} cause many risks.

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Wednesday, 6 February Fixing in Progress. I noticed on the comments that when you try to download some or most of my files it gives you this error message, I’m currently re uploading the files and avoiding any errors, this may take a days or less for me to fix this, I’m sorry if this caused you any troubles! Read more ». I will release this Mod as soon as possible! The Shibuki Sword has explosive tags on them meaning when the sword hits a target, the explosive tags are set to go off and blow up the target.

I hope you enjoy this mod if you have any more questions just comment below are send me a message on youtube. I usually visit my youtube account everyday so i think its better if you send me a message on youube but you can still comment below! Minato plants his space-time kunai on the ground. Then he can teleport to it whenever he want. He also can remove the kunai to create a new destination. Then he can teleport to it again.

Tuesday, 25 September Call White Zetsu. This might be one of the best Mod yet and very useful for gang wars or missions. The Zetsu will be holding a weapon which is an M4.

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